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9x13" Botanical Collage

9x13" Botanical Collage

This series was actually born out of frustration of trying to make perfect little flowers! I decided it would feel better if I let go and let it just flow. The result was these bold little doodle botanicals, which I then cute up and fit together like a puzzle!

Each piece is hand painted, drawn & cut before assembling.

This piece is approximately 9x13 inches on paper.

These look great displayed in a shadow box - you can do that yourself or take to a local framer and have them do it for you! (The last picture is an example of of a different piece framed in a black shadow box with a black background)

I like to mount the collage onto a piece of black matte board that is the size of the frame that it will be going in. Make sure the frame and board is a few inches bigger than the piece you will be displaying.

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